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How do I receive payment on Alibaba?

I just started to sell products on Alibaba, but there are so many payment methods available. Which method is better? What are the differences between them?
4 replies
  • paulhutchersonpaulhutcherson
    Let me briefly introduce the platform first. Alibaba is one of the biggest international trade site. It provides a low-cost and efficient way to let the quality manufactures and suppliers to meet thir customers. However, some payment methods provided by Alibaba will charge certain service fees. I usually recommend to use offline transactions to avoid unnecessay cost. For example, using XTransfer or other reliable cross-border trade payment platform. It can reduce the cost, and it is very convenient to open an account and collect payments. 
    Replied on 2024-06-03 16:42
  • bazmonkeybazmonkey
    I receive and settle payments through the banking system every time. Only problem is the bank fee for every transaction.
    Replied on 2024-06-03 20:14
  • music20091music20091
    The Alibaba provides lots of payment methods on its platform. It will just take different amount of fees depending on the size of the order. The withdrawal also depends on your bank's own standard fee.
    Replied on 2024-06-03 21:03
  • Lone_WolfLone_Wolf
    I also don’t know the specific details of it. I've had professionals open accounts for me before.
    Replied on 2024-06-01 22:19