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Mastering Amazon FBA Packaging & Shipping Requirements


Before ordering an FBA shipment or engaging a supplier to package your goods, it's necessary to have an in-depth understanding of Amazon's FBA packaging and preparation requirements. In cooperation with suppliers, please ensure they understand Amazon's FBA packaging and preparation standards to avoid potential issues.


Amazon FBA Packaging Requirements

FBA Barcode Requirements

Amazon uses barcodes to track and identify seller inventory during the logistics process. Proper barcodes ensure that Amazon accurately identifies your products. Every item shipped to an Amazon operations center must be equipped with a scannable barcode. Amazon uses two types of barcodes: manufacturer barcodes (such as UPC) and Amazon barcodes (also known as FNSKU).


Manufacturer's Barcodes

By default, Amazon uses manufacturer barcodes. If multiple sellers use the same manufacturer barcode, Amazon may choose the inventory closest to the customer for shipment based on inventory location. Consider using Amazon barcodes if you want your inventory to be distinguishable from other sellers.


Amazon Barcodes (FNSKU)

Products that do not use the manufacturer's barcodes must use the FNSKU barcode. You can print and apply the barcode yourself, have your supplier print it on the product packaging, or even ask Amazon to apply it on your behalf (fees apply). If your item does not have a manufacturer barcode, you can apply for a GTIN exemption in the Seller Center so that all items will use the Amazon barcode.


General Packaging Requirements

Below are Amazon's general requirements for packaging:


  • Bulk Products:each item must be individually packaged and ensure the barcode is scannable. Unpackaged items need to be secured with a bag or tape.
  • Footwear:packaging should not reveal the shoe material. It can be a shoebox or a plastic bag with a choking warning.
  • Clothing:products such as shirts and pants should be secured in plastic bags to prevent damage.
  • Merchandise in plastic bags:Plastic bags with openings over 5 inches must be labeled with a choking warning.
  • Kits:Clearly label the package as "Sold as a kit" and add a label to "Unit" for clarification.
  • Boxed products:the packaging must have six sides with openings that do not easily open on their own and can withstand moderate pressure without collapsing.
  • Bubble wrap:Fragile products need to be fixed with bubble wrap to ensure safety.



Inbound Shipping Requirements

Please follow these requirements before shipping items to FBA warehouses:


Box Contents Information

During the FBA shipping process, you should provide Amazon with a detailed list of box contents, including product type, quantity, and quantity of shipping boxes.


If you are engaging a supplier to ship directly to FBA, make sure they understand and follow Amazon's packaging and labeling requirements.


When creating an FBA shipment, make sure you fill out all the necessary information so that Amazon can accurately process your shipment.


Packing and Shipping

To ensure that your shipment reaches the Amazon Operations Center safely and quickly, follow Amazon's packaging and shipping guidelines closely.


Box Size and Weight Limits

When sending shipments, please pay special attention to the following size and weight limits:

  • Maximum size:no more than 25 inches per side
  • Maximum weight:50 lbs

If your shipment exceeds the above limits, it may result in shipping delays or even affect your rights to use Amazon's logistics services. Moreover, Amazon will provide special handling options for special cases where a single unit exceeds 50 pounds or 25 inches.


Packaging Material Selection

When choosing packaging materials, please follow Amazon's rules to ensure that your shipment will be adequately protected:

Recommended: Amazon-certified packaging materials, such as bubble wrap, compression foam, etc.

Prohibited: packaging materials that are easily broken, torn, and fail to meet Amazon's safety standards.


Purchase Amazon Packing Supplies

If you need to handle your FBA shipments yourself, you are recommended to have the following necessary packing and shipping supplies:

  • shipping boxes
  • labels
  • bubble wrap
  • thermal label printer
  • packaging tape, etc.


You can buy these supplies directly from Amazon to ensure quality and compatibility. Additionally, Amazon offers free shipping labels with partner carriers such as UPS. For heavy-duty shipping boxes and other special needs, you can also visit your local stores, like Home Depot or Lowes, to shop.


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