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Free sellers' hands: Amazon AI listing writing tool is coming!


Yesterday, Amazon officially launched an artificial intelligence (AI) tool for sellers, which helps sellers generate relevant information for their products on listing pages.


It is understood that the tool will prompt sellers to enter a few keywords or sentences to describe their products. It then lists a series of content that the seller can use to create the listing, such as the product name and bullet points. Sellers can choose the tool to create a new listing or improve an existing one. This feature was announced this week at Amazon Accelerate, the company's annual conference for third-party sellers in Seattle. Back in August of this year, there were media reports that Amazon was testing the tool among a small group of sellers. In a blog post, Mary Beth Westmoreland, Amazon's vice president of global selling partner experience, wrote, "This is just the tip of the iceberg of our plans to use AI to enhance the seller experience and assist more sellers to succeed."



Recently, many sellers have started using AI to write listings, come up with catchy product names, and even develop new products. Besides this, Amazon has recently begun aggregating consumer reviews on some products to draft a summary-like copywriting with the help of AI. According to Amazon, these AI tools are expected to help sellers stand out from the increasingly competitive marketplace. Currently, third-party sellers have become the foundation of Amazon's e-commerce business. They have amassed millions of merchants and generated more than half of total sales.


More recently, Amazon has responded directly to all the current buzz about AI apps, such as ChatGPT and Google's chatbot Bard, which have captured the attention of Silicon Valley investors and the general public. Amazon CEO Andy Jassy has previously said that the company plans to integrate more AI apps across multiple areas of its business. For now, Amazon has not released its own chatbot. Instead, it focuses on applying generative AI to its retail and devices business and a generative AI service called Bedock for AWS customers.

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