Is it safe to share my information with XTransfer?

XTransfer is heavily regulated as a licensed entity, ensuring stringent in terms of its funds and information security measures. Violation of regulatory policies on our part are subject to financial and criminal penalties.

Users sign the Privacy and Security Policy with XTransfer during registration. We shall perform our duties and obligations in strict accordance with the agreed terms and conditions. XTransfer protects your information through careful design, from encrypted storage of raw sensitive data, sensitive data access control to the setup of information system.  

Meanwhile, as an independent third-party financial payment institution, XTransfer does not engage in cross-border trade and has no motive to abuse customer information. We collect trade information only to identify and guard against risks, and to prevent illegal transactions. We will never use the information for other illegal purposes. We are a financial company with the vision to serve various cross-border traders leveraging our strengths. We adhere to the principle of Customer First and consider it our mission to deliver value to every customer. We are firm in the protection of customer information and relevant interests.

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