Which accounts and banks support CNY Settlement?

Before adding a CNY Settlement account, you need to authorize a company director from the mainland China/Hong Kong/Macau region as the Declarant on behalf of your company. If there is no qualified director, you can add an authorized individual from the mainland China/Hong Kong/Macau region as the Declarant.

Currently, you can add the following accounts: the legal representative or shareholders' personal accounts in mainland China for mainland Chinese suppliers; personal accounts in mainland China of mainland Chinese sole traders; personal accounts in mainland China of company directors or authorized individuals for CNY Settlement. Before adding the account, you need to provide additional information such as the business license of your supplier. After the review is approved, you can use the CNY Settlement function.

The personal bank account added for CNY Settlement must be a fully functional Type I bank account. Other types of bank accounts may result in rejected payments due to exceeding the receiving limit. Please confirm the type of your bank account with your bank.

The supported banks include:

■ Agricultural Bank of China
■ Bank of China
■ Bank of Communications
■ Bank of Beijing
■ Beijing Rural Commercial Bank
■ Bohai Bank
■ Bank of Shanghai
■ Chongqing Bank
■ Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank
■ Chengdu Bank
■ Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank
■ Chang'an Bank
■ Changsha Bank
■ Chengde Bank Co., Ltd.
■ Cangzhou Bank Co., Ltd.
■ China Construction Bank
■ China Minsheng Bank
■ China Everbright Bank
■ China Postal Savings Bank
■ CMB China Merchants Bank
■ CITIC Bank
■ Dalian Bank
■ Dongguan Bank
■ Dongguan Rural Commercial Bank
■ Dongying Bank Co., Ltd.
■ Fudian Bank
■ Guangfa Bank
■ Guangzhou Bank
■ Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank
■ Gansu Bank
■ Guiyang Bank
■ Guilin Bank
■ Guizhou Bank
■ Guizhou Minsheng Bank
■ Guangxi Beibu Gulf Bank
■ Guangdong Nanhai Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd
■ Hangzhou Bank
■ Huaxia Bank
■ Hengfeng Bank
■ Huishang Bank
■ Hankou Bank
■ Harbin Bank
■ Huarong Xiangjiang Bank
■ Hubei Bank
■ Hebei Bank
■ Industrial Bank
■ Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
■ Jinzhou Bank
■ Jinshang Bank
■ Jiangsu Bank
■ Jiangsu Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bank
■ Jiangsu Changshu Rural Commercial Bank
■ Jilin Bank
■ Jiangxi Bank (Nanchang Bank)
■ Jiujiang Bank
■ Jiangsu Kunshan Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd
■ Kunlun Bank
■ Luoyang Bank
■ Longjiang Bank
■ Langfang Bank
■ Lanzhou Bank
■ Linxia Bank Co., Ltd
■ Laishan Bank Co., Ltd
■ Nanjing Bank
■ Ningbo Bank
■ Ningbo Yinzhou Rural Commercial Bank
■ Inner Mongolia Bank
■ Ping An Bank
■ Qingdao Bank
■ Qilu Bank
■ Qingdao Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd
■ Rizhao Bank Co., Ltd
■ Shanghai Pudong Development Bank
■ Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank
■ Suzhou Bank
■ Shengjing Bank
■ Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank
■ Shunde Rural Commercial Bank
■ Shaanxi Qinnong Rural Commercial Bank CO.,LTD
■ Tianjin Bank
■ Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank
■ Taizhou Bank
■ Wenzhou Bank
■ Wuhan Rural Commercial Bank
■ Weihai City Commercial Bank
■ Xiamen Bank
■ Xiamen International Bank
■ Xi'an Bank
■ Zhejiang Commercial Bank
■ Zhongyuan Bank
■ Zhengzhou Bank
■ Zhejiang Mintai Commercial Bank
■ Zhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank
■ Chouzhou Commercial Bank
■ Zhangjiakou Bank
■ Zhejiang E-Commerce Bank Co.,Ltd.

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