What documents are required for business verification?

Submit the following qualified materials and verify business in as fast as 1 day:
1. Certification of Incorporation (CI)
2. Memorandum and Articles of Association that include shareholder and director information. If not available, please provide 2.a and 2.b
2.a Shareholder register (including the names, ID numbers, and shareholding ratios of all shareholders, with all directors' signatures required).
2.b Directors register (including the names, ID numbers of all directors, with all directors' signatures required).
3. Provide relevant resolutions based on the company type (e.g., board resolutions for limited companies). Single-director entities are exempt from providing resolutions (Single-director entity refers to a company with only one director, without any other directors/shareholders/authorized persons).
4. Valid ID documents of all directors and shareholders holding ≥ 25% (passport information page or authoritative national identity card).
5. Photo verification (may replace with online facialrecognition / Mobile number).
6. If the company's status cannot be verified as active, provide a Certificate of Incumbency or Certificate of Good Standing from a third party (law firm/secretary company with verifiable qualifications), or six months' bank statements from another bank where the company holds an account. *All submitted documents must be complete, and all company licenses and ID documents of natural persons must be within the validity period.

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