Why should I use XTransfer?

XTransfer is the world's leading and China's No.1 B2B Trade Payment Platform*. As a one-stop cross-border financial and risk management service provider, XTransfer connects global cross-border traders through secure, compliant, convenient and low-cost products and services. You can experience hassle-free cross-border payment with XTransfer regardless of your country region.

Cross-border traders from 200+ countries/regions can open secure and compliant multi-currency accounts with XTransfer for free, make and take international trade payments with ease and without the risk of account freezes. We also offer 24/7 instant transfer between XTransfer accounts and online real-time currency exchange (including FX limit orders) at competitive rates.

*China’s No.1 B2B Cross-Border Trade Payment Platform” is based on the "Research report on financial service demand of China's SME foreign trade enterprises in 2023" released by iiMedia Research in July 2023

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